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Quick account registration in a blockchain. Uniform account for DeFi and DEX interface. All transactions are done in a blockchain.

Get easy access to Trade, Cryptocurrencies wallet, DeFi, NFT, BitShares blockchain services from a uniform XBTS account

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Decentralized XBTS trading platform

XBTS is a leading-edge Dex for trade, DeFi, staking, exchange, holding cryptocurrencies, Cross-Chain transactions, and an entry point to volumes of decentralized markets


Access at 99% of countries all over the world. No failure points. Trade anywhere you want


Tremendous choice of trading pairs, over 15000 options. Low fees


Make your trade automated. Quick and easy installation

Cross-Chain Bridges

Instant transactions between cryptocurrency Exchanges. Blockchain advantages for interexchange Arbitration

DeFi AMMob

New generation DeFi technology. AMMob is a DeFi with Automated Market-Maker of an Order Book

Register account in a blockchain just in 25 seconds!

Quick and easy trading in a blockchain

  • Wide functionality for a professional trader
  • Friendly design for users of any experience level
  • Fully customizable trading interface
  • All the necessary tools are ready at hand
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XBTS DEX Desktop provides full access to the XBTS exchange and an entry point into the volumes of BitShares decentralized markets

  • Cross-Chain bridges at Binance BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2), Binance Smart Chain BSC (BEP20), Huobi HECO Chain, Waves, Ethereum.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal to 42+ native blockchains
  • Creation of any trading pair for any crypto, for example, BTC:HIVE, HIVE:STH, STH:ETH, BTS:RVN and etc.
  • Over 15000 trading directions
  • Free trading bots
  • All transactions take place in a blockchain

Fully customizable advanced trading interface. You can trade on XBTS Cross-Chain DEX with our special Desktop application for macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.


XBTS DeFi Desktop presents a convenient Multi-Chain crypto wallet and DEFI trading interface

  • Quick Cross-Chain transactions, and transfers to native blockchains.
  • Trade in the DeFi liquidity pools operating with АММ on XBTS DEX
  • Coin prices in pools are Always in line with assets market price.
  • DeFi pools traders act as Informed Market Makers.
  • Lower fees for transactions in BitShares blockchain.
  • Staking Program SmartHolder

You can instantly exchange assets in a simple and convenient interface using our special DeFi Desktop application for macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

SmartHolder Staking Program

Get BTC, ETH, USDT, HIVE, and other Cryptocurrencies twice a month

  • Extra income

    Crypto holders who want to maximize their profit can use XBTS Dex Staking tools and receive up to 50% of all the trade fees of the exchange provided by SmartHolder program.

  • Easy to start

    Increase your balance of Bitcoins and Altcoins regardless of how the market moves.

  • Full control

    Automated Payments on the 1st & 15th of the month.

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Trade cryptocurrencies on the go, at any time, and at any place from your mobile device

All the necessary tools in a safe application with an easy-to-understand interface

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  • Best Decentralized Platform

    Start trading on the XBTS decentralized exchange using advanced blockchain trading tools. XBTS Dex and DeFi are used by traders from all over the world. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of your account is available in the block explorer.

  • Global Crypto Markets

    XBTS users get access from uniform blockchain accounts to all exchange functions, multiple markets, DeFi pools, BitShares blockchain services. You can trade popular cryptocurrencies in any direction and create your own trading pairs.

  • 24/7 support

    Our support team works around the clock, seven days a week 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have any questions we will be happy to help you. Join the official telegram group @xbtsio

  • Low fees

    Save on trading fees and benefits from the most competitive trading conditions in the decentralized markets.

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