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A place for everyone who wants to simply and secure buy and sell Bitcoins or Altcoins. Instant buy/sell of cryptocurrency at fair price is blockchain guaranteed. Nothing extra.
100.000 transactions per second. Confirmation time of just 3 seconds. Welcome!

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Blockchain Security

Protection against DDoS attacks,
full data encryption

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World Coverage

Providing services in 99% countries
around all the globe

world coverage

Delegated Proof of Stake

DPOS is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized,
and most flexible consensus model available

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Payment Options Coming Soon

Popular methods: Visa, MasterCard,

high liquidity

High Liquidity

Fast access to high liquidity orderbook
for top currency pairs

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Industrial Scalability

High performance blockchain technology
is necessary for cryptocurrencies

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Low Cost trading fees for takers
and all market makers

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FAST listing

New coin listing on the XBTS
Decentralised Exchange

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Decentralized EXCHANGE

XBTS DEX is decentralized across the globe.
No single point of failure.

Collateralized Smartcoins

For the sake of convenience Smartcoins, such as bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY, and others, are denotes simply as USD, EUR, CNY, etc. in the Wallet.
These digital tokens represent the same value as their underlaying physical asset.
Hence 1 USD in this wallet is worth $1 and can be redeemed as such.

about us

Because of Smart Coins

XBTS is capable of offering the following advantages to its holders:

  • A stable price with mitigated volatility
  • Hedging against capricious price action and market
  • Acquiring certain units of different accounts from capital gains and losses having increased tax liability
  • A reliable and foreseeable system where the traders can predict the possible future and act accordingly

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XBTS No Limits: The BitShares 3.0 protocol is unable to limit your trading experience

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You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere, without withdrawal limits. You can create any trading pair that you need against BTC, BTS, USD, DOGE, LTC, Gold, Silver and etc. With XBTS, no one must approve your account. Fast access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs.



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